About STUDIOSS.org

Creative Studio & Media Content Production using Open-Source Software.

STUDIOSS.org, could briefly be defined as a space to promote the use of open-source software, as an alternative to commercial ones, in order to create and produce media content. A collaborative effort to share news, tips and updated list of available applications for the creative fields.

At the first stage of this project, we are aiming to become an informative hub on available resources in the open-source arena to set media production companies or communities. Such a goal requires the creation of communicational spaces to promote the benefits of using open-source software, while educating and training potential users by sharing some of the many video-tutorials available to this intent.

Why Open-Source Software ?

Another aspect worth mentioning, is the creation of a “Marketing for Open-Source Software” section, which be offered as a kind of consultancy service in order to increase the projection and popularity of open-source software.

To learn more about the marketing services we are offering to OSS developers, please visit our page Marketing for OSS

Partnerships & Sponsorships:

By the default, our partners already are the huge amount of open-source applications available for the creative fields, however, we are trying to work on an strategic partnerships program which could offer some mutual benefits, at least based on branding exchange in the first stage of the project.

We are open to any idea or suggestion on this regard.

Are you an enthusiast programmer wanting to become part of the next phase of this project? We are currently looking for talented coders or passionate candidates who could become developer partners or Chief Technical Officer (CTO). If you are interested, please contact us.

Link to “Partnerships & Sponsorships” page

Who we are:

At this very moment, the project is being handled by its original creator: Enzo GD